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Whether you’re finishing your studies or showing your support from the crowd, here’s everything you need to know about graduating at EIA – from getting to the ceremony to what you need to do before the big day.


Graduand: a student who has completed their course of study and is eligible to graduate.
Graduate: a graduand who has their award conferred by EIA.
Graduation in absentia: conferring a student without their presence at the graduation ceremony.

Eligibility to Graduate

Students are deemed eligible to graduate from their enrolled course of study if the following is fulfilled:

  • Completed all course requirements as stated in the course, including all required assessments;
  • No outstanding or un-resolved grades;
  • No outstanding payments owed to EIA;
  • No current suspension.

Graduation Application

  • Students need to apply to graduate in the last teaching period of their enrolled course by lodging the Graduation Application Form. Failure to do so will prevent the student from attending the next available graduation ceremony.
  • If a student does not apply to graduate within 6 months of completing their enrolled course, they will automatically graduate in absentia.
  • Students can apply to defer their graduation by notifying EIA.
  • Students can choose to graduate in absentia by notifying EIA; however, they will not be able to attend future graduation ceremonies for the conferral of that award.

Authenticity of Awards

All awards/qualifications and academic transcripts follow the Certification Documentation and Prevention of Fraudulent Use Policy and Procedure.


EIA books the ceremony venue after the date for the graduation is set. The venue must have the following:


  • Stage/theatre for the ceremony
  • Dressing area
  • Reception
  • Photography area

Prospective graduand list

  • As students submit an application to graduation, the Registrar will collate a list of prospective graduands.
  • The list will be reviewed again once all final results have been released and approved, to identify those eligible to graduate and those not eligible to graduate. The Course Coordinator will be informed of this.
  • The registrar will inform prospective graduands of their eligibility to graduate via email. Those eligible to graduate will receive information about:
  1. Graduation Ceremony details (date, time, location)
  2. Guest invitations
  3. Regalia services


The Academic Board will have a meeting prior to the graduation to look at the grades of all graduands and determine who will receive the prize for the top grade, for each of the qualification(s) offered by EIA.


  • Upon the confirmation of the list of graduands, EIA will print certificates and graduate programmes, as well as name tags for staff and student volunteers.
  • Directory signs and a map will be prepared.
  • Student volunteers are requested to usher and to place programmes on every seat.

After the graduation ceremony

Within two weeks after the graduation ceremony, students who were unable to attend will be mailed their academic transcript, certificate and any awards achieved.